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Informacje branżowe

How to choose the living room ceiling lamp lighting type


Nowadays, most users have very strict lighting requirements. Of course, the decorative effect of lighting cannot be ignored. In a modern home living room, large chandeliers or ceiling lamps are generally used for decoration. How to choose a suitable ceiling pendant lighting? Make it play a certain decorative role during the day, at night there is a warm and romantic lighting, the following Xiaobian gave you details on how to choose the right living room ceiling lamp lighting to buy it, I hope to provide some help with your purchase.

How to choose the correct living room modern crystal ceiling lamp

1, size

The specifications of this type of product should generally be selected according to the range of rooms in the living room. Some people hope to place noble atmospheric lights in the hall. However, the size of the living room is small. At this time, it will appear crowded and narrow, and it is extremely inconsistent with the living room. Generally speaking, , 12m2 below the living room as much as possible to choose the following diameter of 200mm lamps, while the 15-25m2 size of the living room is the use of 290mm diameter lamps better.

2, style

As the industry has developed well, the style of these products has become more and more, but do not arbitrarily choose when purchasing, should be combined with their own decoration style and needs to determine, such as modern decoration style do not choose classical, luxury or workmanship Miscellaneous lamps and so on, of course, some simple lamps, is also a very good choice.

3, color

Since this area is used to meet guests and gather together, the lighting must be bright and generous. For example, the warm color of the average family is very good. It can be matched with the decoration style of the house, especially the yellowish color is especially warm. If you like new and different post-modern style decoration, cold light may be more suitable.

4, type

Generally speaking, this type of product can be divided into three categories according to the light source. The incandescent lamp focuses on the lighting, and the light illuminates the hall, creating a bright and spacious living room atmosphere. The fluorescent light emphasizes the decoration and can emit different colors of light and will be the bedroom. To create a more magnificent and romantic, the last LED has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, non-toxic and environmental protection, and it is also the most common on the market.

What are the types of living room ceiling lighting?

1, embedded ceiling lighting

This type of style is mainly used in halls with flat ceilings. There are many types of lighting, of course, according to their own ideas, they can be arranged in a variety of patterns. At the same time, they can control the position and number of lights. To create a new mood of lighting, especially some dim lighting, will make people think about it.

2. Art Modeling Ceiling Lighting

The shades and bases of this style are ever-changing and the weather is endless. Various structures emerge in endlessly.

3, semi-embedded ceiling lighting

This style has the advantages of the above two, but various features are not as obvious as the above two types of products, so in the current home, the application is not much, can be used as an embedded lighting supplement.

Conclusion: The article is about the living room ceiling pendant lamp how to correctly purchase the content of the analysis, I believe that you have a better understanding of the user how to choose the living room ceiling lamp lighting purchase, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the small Editing.

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